Treatments for important dermatology disorders

Strategic and Scientific Board

  • Professor Jair Ribeiro Chagas, Ph.D., Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil

    Prof. Jair Ribeiro Chagas is professor at the Federal University of São Paulo where he participates in the creation of the new Health Sciences facilities, devoted to undergraduate, graduate and research activities. He is an expert in protein sequencing and peptide synthesis. He worked for decades in protease field and particularly on human kallikrein 1. His competencies in peptide design will be useful to set-up the second technology platform for small inhibitor development. 

  • Professor Heiko Traupe, Associate Professor and Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatology, University of Muenster, Germany

    Prof Traupe is speaker of the national competence network for ichthyoses and related keratinization disorders (NIRK) and works in a Dermatology Department of which is a major reference center for dermatologists in North-Western Germany. In the department Prof. Traupe runs a special outpatient clinic for patients with diverse keratinization diseases and particularly Netherton Syndrome, the orphan drug indication of Dermadis’s lead compound.

  • Tomas Norman Dam, M.D., Ph.D, Chief Physician, Department of Dermatology, Roskilde Hospital, Denmark

    Dr Tomas Norman Dam is a specialist in dermatology disorders and related inflammation. He is mainly active in psoriasis and has developed animal models to study inflammatory process and particularly interleukin 20. Dr Dam has been involved in the development of topical formulation for psoriasis treatment.

  • Philippe Bulet, Ph.D, Operational Manager of the GIP Plateforme BioPARK and Scientific Director at UMR UJF CNRS 5525, Archamps, France

    Within his former own research public group and as CSO of a Private Biotech specialized in peptide/protein chemistry and drug discovery and development, he gained experience in (i) peptide/protein chemistry, (ii) the development of research tools with a strong expertise in mass spectrometry, (iii) the production of peptides/proteins, (iv) peptide/protein isolation and characterization, (v) analytical studies and peptide modeling, and (vi) in networking.

  • Yogeshvar Kalia, Ph.D. – Senior Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and Centre Interunivesitaire de Recherche et d'Enseignement (Pharmapeptides), Archamps, France

    Dr Kalia has worked in biopharmaceutics with a speciality in transdermal drug delivery, first at the University of California - San Francisco and since 1997 at the University of Geneva. He was appointed to his current position in the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry in 2001. Dr Kalia has a strong experience in the development of prodrugs to increase topical and transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents. He is also active in the development of transdermal delivery systems to improve the efficiency of existing and novel therapeutic agents for local and systemic effect.