Treatments for important dermatology disorders


Dermadis is creating and developing protein- and peptide-based biologics to target critical proteases involved in dermatologic diseases.

DM107, an inhibitor of tissue kallikreins for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases

Dermadis is developing the tissue kallikrein inhibitor DM107 as topical treatment for inflammatory skin diseases. The inhibitor is engineered from the natural human serine protease inhibitor ACT (alpha1-antichymotrypsin) with only four amino-acid changes rendering the protein highly active and selective against human skin kallikreins.
DM107 is currently in late stage preclinical development and will enter in man clinical trials shortly in its lead indication the rare disease Netherton Syndrome. For this indication, the drug obtained orphan drug designation status by the EMEA in November 2009. These trials are expected to pave the road to the development of DM107 in skin diseases affecting larger populations, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Second generation kallikrein inhibitors

A full family of similar protein and peptide compounds with different spectrums of antiprotease activities is currently in early stage development to block skin related kallikreins and other proteases. Candidates include peptide inhibitors arising from customized phage display libraries and serpin type inhibitors from further exploitation of Med Discovery’s proprietary technologies.